Sooner or later

Sooner or later stephy nessy

Sooner or later the chickens come home to roost!! After a while I had been singing songs I didn’t really feel I fell into a crisis. One day my producer Max Titi told me:” What did you like when you were a little girl?” I recalled Marylin’s movies, all my 40’s style dresses that I’ve collected for years, my father’s Lambretta and my big passion for Swing Music. I said: “Yes!! I’ve got it!! I love swing!” – “Swing is old-fashioned, though! Isn’t it?”. “Yeah It might be considered old, unless we fuse it with electronic music, in that case it becomes Electro Swing!!” Max replied.

I went out of the studio with tears in my eyes. What I really wanted to do has always been so evident but for some reason I didn’t see it.

Sometimes it happens that the best things for us are just under our eyes. Until you realize it they are somehow hidden. Have you ever experienced something like that?

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